TDA2003 Audio Amplifier Module

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Mono 10 Watt Car Radio Amplifier Module.

This item has been assembled, and electrical test passed.
Based on TDA2003A IC design.
Volume potentiometer with power switch.
With power ON/OFF LED indicator
Suitable battery supply solutions(6 x 1.5V batteries or 12V battery).
YXF 105°C long life, low impedance electrolytic capacitors.

Pilkor MKT metallized polyester film capacitors.
High-quality terminal blocks easy connection wire.
Thickness 1.6mm FR-4 fiber glass PCB (double layer).

Operating Voltage: 8 to 18V DC.
Quiescent Current: 60mA ( Power ON ).
Input Impedance: 9.1K OHM.
Voltage Gain: 40dB and 46dB (Jumper Optional).
Output Power: 10 Watt (at 14.4V DC, THD=10%, 2 OHM Load).
Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 15 KHz. (-3dB, at 1W output).
THD: 0.2% (at 14.4V DC, Gain 40dB, 2.5 Watt, 4 OHM Load).


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