Bluetooth Module “HC-05”

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  • Use CSR popular buletooth chip, bluetooth V2.0 Protocol standard.
  • Serial port operation voltage 3.3V
  • Baud rate set at 9600, but you can change it with AT command
  • Operation current, pairing at 30MA, after pairing is 8 MA during communication
  • Widely use for wireless data communication such as GPS navigation device, remote data collection, PDA devices
  • Also can pair and communicate with laptop, laptop bluetooth adapter, PDA devices, Arduino
  • Be aware default setting of the product is slave mode, communication only available between master and slave mode, but not master and master, or slave and slave mod
  • VCC: positive power supply
  • GND: power supply is negative
  • RXD: the receiver, Bluetooth module receives from another device sent data; normally connected to other devices transmitting end TXD
  • TXD: sending end, the Bluetooth module to send data to other devices; receiving terminal is normally connected to other devices RXD
  • EN: Enable, then you need to enter the AT mode 3.3V


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