water pump 12v

95.00 EGP



Technical Specifications:
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Voltage: 12V 3.7A
Temperature: above 80 degrees
Displacement: 450ml/10s
Anti low temperature: -25 degrees
After the motor closes the valve, the pressure is above 190KPA

Length: 66mm
Width: 30mm

☑ Explosion proof
☑ Shock resistant
☑ High temperature resistant
☑ Leak proof
☑ Design to ensure no leakage!

Use this pump to pay attention to three points:
1. The power of the power supply to be large enough,
DC12V when it is pumping the current is 3.7A,
so the minimum power to 4A or more, if small, its power to play out,
pumping and pressure on the Not coming.
2. Because such a small pump, but do so much power (40 W),
so this should not be suitable for long hours of work,
because the motor is certainly easy to heat.
3. This pump is not self-priming, to divert water to the pump will be pumping


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