GY-9150 MPU-9150 Nine-Axis Attitude

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GY-9150 MPU-9150 9-axis Attitude Three-axis Electronic Compass Acceleration Gyroscope Module

    The MPU-9150 is the world’s first 9-axis MotionTracking device designed for the low power, low cost, and high performance requirements of consumer electronics equipment including smartphones, tablets and wearable sensors. And guess what? You get to play with it.
    This breakout board makes it easy to prototype with the InvenSense MPU-9150 by breaking out all the pins you need to standard 0.1″ spaced headers. The board also provides I2C pullup resistors and a solder jumper to switch the I2C address of the device.
    The MPU-9150 is a System in Package (SiP) that combines two chips: the MPU-6050, which contains a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and an onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms; and the AK8975, a 3-axis digital compass. The part’s integrated 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms access all internal sensors to gather a full set of sensor data. The part is offered in a 4x4x1mm LGA package and is upgrade-compatible with the MPU-6050 integrated 6-axis MotionTracking device, providing a simple upgrade path and making it easy to fit on space constrained boards.
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Datasheet (MPU-9150)
Digital-output 9-axis MotionFusion data in rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler Angle, or raw data format
Tri-Axis angular rate sensor (gyro) with a sensitivity up to 131 LSBs/dps and a full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000dps
Tri-Axis accelerometer with a programmable full scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g
Tri-axis compass with a full scale range of ±1200µT
Reduced settling effects and sensor drift by elimination of board-level cross-axis alignment errors between accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass
VDD Supply voltage range of 2.4V-3.46V; VLOGIC of 1.8V±5% or VDD
Gyro operating current: 3.6mA (full power, gyro at all rates)
Gyro + Accel operating current: 3.8mA (full power, gyro at all rates, accel at 1kHz sample rate)
Gyro + Accel + Compass + DMP operating current: 4.25mA (full power, gyro at all rates, accel at 1kHz sample rate, compass at 8Hz rate)
Accel low power mode operating current: 10uA at 1Hz, 20uA at 5Hz, 70uA at 20Hz, 140uA at 40Hz
Full Chip Idle Mode Supply Current: 8µA
400kHz Fast Mode I⊃2;C serial host interface
On-chip timing generator with ±1% frequency variation over full temperature range
10,000g shock tolerant
I2C Pullup Resistors populated on board.
All Pins Broken Out to Standard 0.1″ Spaced Headers
Solder Jumper for Switching LSB of I2C Address


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