DC motor 775

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  • 12V -18 V high power 775 motor Motor class workmanship exquisite, thick, front ball bearing, self-cooling fan, weight 446 g, than the average of nearly 775 motor weight 100 grams. It should be used in power tools motor, power is very large, estimated at more than 100W, you can do a small spindle motor, and is also suitable for DIY aspect.
    There are two models of these motors (one is labeled body is 18V, a method of body marking is 14.4V).
    Motor Diameter: 44.8 MM
    Motor Length: 72 MM
    The output shaft: 5 MM
    Output Length: 21 MM. (From the panel volume)
    Screw holes: M 4
    Screw pitch: 29.5 MM

    Weight: 446 g (body weight labeled 14.4V is 443 g)
    Flag body of motor parameters 18V:
    Voltage: 12 V
    Speed: 11500 RPM
    Current: 1.8 A
    Voltage: 18 V
    Speed: 18000 RPM

    Current: 2.2 A
    Flag 14.4V body parameters:
    Voltage: 12 V
    Current: 2 A
    Speed: 13800 RPM
    Voltage: 14.4 V
    Current: 2.2 A
    Speed: 16500 RPM
    Voltage: 18 V
    Current: 2.7 A
    Speed: 20500 RPM


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